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Poverty Exemption

Directions for Applying for Poverty:

To be considered for a poverty exemption, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Complete an application in full.  Please return to the Assessing Department at least two weeks prior to the Board of Review meeting you plan to attend.
  1. A copy of the following must be completed and signed in ink:
  • Previous year's Federal Income Tax Returns (1040)
  • Previous year's Michigan Income Tax Returns (MI-1040)
  • Previous year's Principal Residence Property Tax Credit Form (MI-1040CR)

If your application does not include copies of the above documents, it may be considered incomplete, and therefore ineligible for a Poverty Exemption.


Physically challenged or infirmed applicants may call the Assessor’s Office to make necessary arrangements for assistance at 989-389-0841.  

Poverty Exemption as defined by the Michigan Compiled Laws is as follows:

Section 211.7u: The principal residence of persons who, in the judgment of the supervisor and board of review, by reason of poverty, are unable to contribute toward the public charges is exempt from taxation in whole or part from taxation under this act.

Please be aware that as an applicant for Poverty Exemption, you must also comply with the following sections of the Michigan Compiled Laws:

Section 211.116 Perjury: Any person who, under any of the proceedings required or permitted by this act shall willfully swear falsely, will be guilty of perjury and subject to its penalties.

If you have any questions regarding the above contact the Assessing Department at 989-389-0841.

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