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Rose Township

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Rose Township Board of Review Dates are
listed on your Notice of Assessment

Board of Review is held at the Rose Township Hall.

Any questions regarding the BOR should be directed to the Assessor, MVW & Associates. Their phone number is  989-389-0841

The Board of Review consists of three Township residents, two of which by law are required to own property within the Township, who sit in review of the actions of the Assessor. The board meets three times each year.

Protests of the value placed on property may be filed with the March Board of Review. The dates of Board of Review are listed on the assessment change notice that is mailed in February to each property owner and they are published in the local newspaper (The Ogemaw County Herald). You may appeal by letter or appear in person on a first come - first served basis. Board of Review is held on specific days during March each year. It is the only time that current year values may be disputed.

At the July and December Board of Review meetings clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact, and hearings on poverty appeals not heard at the March meeting are addressed. At the July and December meetings the Board of Review will also address corrections to the status of property owners with regard to the Principal Residence Exemption. Property values cannot be addressed.

Form #618 Petition to the Board of Review.pdf

Applicants for a Poverty Exemption must call the Assessor's Office at 989-389-0841 for the Application Form. As to matters of valuation, it is recommended that you discuss your issue with the Assessor's Office prior to making an appointment with the Board of Review. Click here for more information of Proverty Exemption.

Michigan Tax Tribunal

A taxpayer who believes the outcome of the Board of Review does not address their concerns may further their appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal (MTT). The MTT is a state agency which conducts hearings at two levels. There is the Small Claims division and the Entire Tribunal. Most appeals, with regard to residential property, are conducted in the Small Claims division. The Burden of Proof is the responsibility of the Petitioner (usually the owner/taxpayer).An appeal to the local Board of Review is necessary before proceeding to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

The MTT can be reached in Lansing at P. O. Box 30232, Lansing, MI 48909-7732 or . The telephone number is 517-334-6521 & http://www.michigan.gov/taxtrib/0,1607,7-187-38254---,00.html An appeal to the MTT must be initiated by June 30 of the year under appeal. Until a taxpayers hearing has taken place-generally 1 ½ to 2 years-subsequent appeals to the Board of Review are unnecessary.

State Tax Tribunal form for residents wishing to appeal their Township Board of Review decision. http://www.michigan.gov/documents/PropPetFillable_93020_7.pdf


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